Sodium Molybdate Applications

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Sodium molybdate applications are very widely. It is mainly used for manufacturing alkaloids, ink, fertilizers, molybdenum red pigment and light fastness pigment precipitation agent, catalyst and molybdenum salts, also used for manufacturing fire retardants and pollution-free water system metal inhibitors. Besides, it also can use for galvanizing and as polishing agents and chemical reagents.

Molybdate has low toxicity, has low pollution on environment, so it is commonly used for water treatment agent production. Water treatment agent refers to chemical agent for water treatment, generally used in in chemical, petroleum, light industry, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, construction, metallurgy, machinery, medicine, transportation, urban and rural environmental protection and other industries, which can greatly save water and reduce water pollution. The water treatment agent includes corrosion inhibitors, dirt dispersion agent, germicidal agents, flocculants, ion exchange resins, cleaning agents, cleaning agents, pretreatment filming agent and so on. In order to obtain good corrosion inhibition effect, molybdates mix uses with polyphosphates, gluconate, zinc salts and benzotriazole, so it not only can reduce the amount of molybdate, but also can improve corrosion effect. The usage amount of molybdates from 200 ~ 500mg / L reduces to 4 ~ 6mg / L. During molybdate film formation, there should exist dissolved oxygen, but without calcium or other divalent metal ions. Molybdate has high thermal stability and it can be used in local overheating or high heat flux density circulating water system.

In addition, sodium molybdate often used as detection agents and corrosion inhibitors. As detection agent for detecting total phosphorus and available phosphorus content on superphosphate of phosphorus fertilizer, and it can also be used to detect protein-free filtrate of blood and serum proteins. Besides, it can also be used in haploid, for H medium, T medium, MS medium and RM media production.

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