Ammonium Dimolybdate

Ammonium dimolybdate picture picture

Ammonium dimolybdate is kind of white powder, can soluble in water, but insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Its physical properties are as follows: the formula: [(NH4)2Mo2O7], the implementation of standards: Q / 320583W & M210-2004CA, registration number: 27546-07-2 Quality Standard: Two paramolybdate [(NH4)2Mo2O7] ≥98% .

Ammonium dimolybdate main applications:
1. It is used for catalyst, molybdenum metal, paint, metal surface treatment, corrosion inhibitors and trace element fertilizers production.
2. Used for molybdenum powder production, it is usually as the raw material for producing ceramic pigment and other molybdenum compounds.
3. It is used for producing hydrogenation, desulfurization agent petroleum refining, chemical fertilizer catalysts and dyes.

Packing: it is usually packed by metal pail or carton or colored plastic buckets lined with double polyethylene bags, 25Kg, 50kg.

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