Phosphorus Molybdate

Ammonium phosphomolybdate (ammonium phosphomolybdate trihydrate) is a shiny yellow monoclinic columnar crystal. It can produce by ammonium molybdate and phosphoric acid solution containing nitric acid heating reaction. According to the different production methods phosphorus molybdate containes difference crystal water and composition and the color of the product is also different. Its solubility in water is small and easily reverts to phosphomolybdate blue. It can soluble in alkali, ammonia, phosphoric acid, and dissolved in acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, benzidine, the solution will turn blue. In addition, in sulfuric acid vacuum dessicator it will lose crystal water, so it is possible to obtain colorless crystals of anhydrous ammonium phosphomolybdate. Ammonium phosphomolybdate is primarily as analysis agents for detecting phosphate.

ammonium phosphomolybdate picture ammonium phosphomolybdate molecular structure picture

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