Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate Applications

sodium molybdate dihydrate image

Sodium molybdate dihydrate applications are widely, mainly for manufaturing alkaloids and other substances reagents, and also commonly used for dyes, molybdenum red pigment, catalyst, molybdenum salt lakes and fast precipitant production.
1.It is usually as alkaloids and other substances raw material and also used for manufacturing dyes, molybdenum red pigment, catalyst, molybdenum salt and fast chromogen precipitator.
2. It can be made into the molybdate anode oxide film inhibitor and is pollution-free type cooling water system corrosion inhibitor. Besides, sodium molybdate has good inhibition effect under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
3. It is also as raw material for producing fire retardant, and it is also as essential trace elements on plants and animals.
4. As reagents for alkaloids and phosphorus determination, it also used in dyes, pharmaceutical industries and media preparation.
5. It can mix with sodium molybdate of cyanide zn-plating and piperonal to produce coating and the coating has good light effects. If the additive amount is too much, it will make the coating light, but brittle.

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