Sodium Molybdate Production Processes

sodium molybdate image

Sodium molybdate production processes are as following:
To roast molybdenum concentrate can obtain molybdenum trioxide, to use alkali liquor for sodium molybdate leaching, after filtration, concentrated, cooled, centrifuged and dried to obtain the finished product.
The chemical equations are as follows: 2Mos2+7O2→2MoO3+4SO2↑, MoO3+2NaOH+H2O→Na2MoO4·2H2O.

Security: sodium molybdate has toxic, but it is toxic compound. Molybdenum poisoning can cause joint pain, low blood pressure and blood pressure fluctuations, neurological disorders, metabolic process obstacles. Solubility molybdenum compound aerosol maximum allowable concentration is 2mg/m and powder is 4mg / m. Therefore, during operation should to wear prescribed protective equipment, pay attention to moisture. During transportation should to prevent rain and sun.

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