Ammonium Molybdate Production Processes

ammonium molybdate picture

Ammonium molybdate production processes are as following: First, roasted molybdenum concentrate to produce molybdenum trioxide, after ammonia leaching, purification, reacted with nitric acid, after separated, dried and sieved can obtain the finished product. The chemical equations are as following: 2MoS2+7O2→2MoO3+4SO2↑,7MoO3+6NH3+7H2O→(NH4)6Mo7O24·4H2.

To add 10g ammonium molybdate into 100ml water after well mix can obtain 10% ammonium molybdate solution.

Ammonium molybdate solution can be used to produce various molecular structures quaternary ammonium heteropolyphosphamolybdenum molybdenum compounds, such as ammonium paramolybdate, ammonium dimolybdate, and ammonium tetramolybdate and ammonium octamolybdate. They are the main raw material for molybdenum metal powder production. In production, usually uses evaporation crystallization method for ammonium paramolybdate or ammonium dimolybdate production and uses neutralization crystallization method to produce ammonium tetramolybdate and ammonium octamolybdate.

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