Silicomolybdic Acid

silicomolybdic acid illustrative structual diagrams picture

Silicomolybdic acid, also known as 12- silicomolybdic acid, is a yellow crystal and its solution is yellow. It has the same crystal form as phosphomolybdic acid and phosphotungstic acid isomorphic and it will melt at 47 ~ 55 ℃, lose crystal water at 100 ~ 105 ℃. Its chemical formula is SiO2 • 12MoO3 • xH2O and molecular weight is 1823.36. Molecular structure is H4SiO4 • 12MoO3 • xH2O and can soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether, but can not soluble in benzene and carbon disulfide.

Molybdenum acid is hazardous to the environment, so do not discharge undiluted product to reach ground water, water course or sewage system and without government permission do not allow material discharged into the surrounding environment. In addition, it should be sealed storage in a cool dry place, if it is used and stored according to specifications will no decomposition.

Anhydrous silicon molybdate production processes: Dry silicomolybdic acid at 40 ℃ to constant weight. The sample burns at  460 ~ 480 ℃ for 15min for determining the total moisture of partially dehydrated material. Further, the sample can’t heat to above 500 ℃, because at this temperature, molybdenum trioxide will be full evaporate. Molybdenum trioxide in anhydrous silicon molybdate volatilized in dry hydrogen chloride gas stream and the residue is impure silica. The residue should deal with hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid and to test the content of silicon dioxide and molybdenum trioxide. Use methyl orange as indicator to titrate the acid, they equivalent is 485.

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