ammoniummolybdat picture

Ammoniummolybdat is kind of white powder and the formula is H16Mo2N4O8. The molecular weight is 392.029 and density is 3.18. H16Mo2N4O8 is often as dyes, pigments, catalysts, fire retardant, micronutrient fertilizer, ceramic pigment and other compounds raw materials, and also commonly as smoke inhibitor used in plastics and polyester. Chinatungsten can provide high quality and affordable ammoniummolybdat. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Production Processes:
1. At a certain temperature, to add high purity molybdenum trioxide into ammonium heptamolybdate solution and to make molybdenum trioxide can dissolve in it.
2. To add the appropriate amount of surfactant (dodecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride) into solution can reduce the gravitation between ammonium molybdenum molecules and the association interaction between ions, thereby reducing the collision during nuclei collide particles formation and effectively preventing particles agglomeration to obtain average diameter of 80 nm ammoniummolybdat.

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