Phosphomolybdic Acid Hydrate

Phosphomolybdic acid hydrate is a yellow or orange prismatic crystal or crystalline powder. It should be placed in the sealed container, stored in cool, dry place to ensure that the workplace has good ventilation or exhaust.

phosphomolybdic acid hydratephosphomolybdic acid hydrate

Chemical and Physical Properties:

Molecular Formula: H3PO4·12MoO3 Name: Dodecamolybdphosphoric
Molecular Structural Formula: H3[P(Mo3O10)4] Molecular Weight: 1825.254
CAS No.: No.51429-74-4 Melting Point: 78-90°C
MDLNo.: MFCD00149913 EINECS No: 234-713-5
Appearance: yellow crystalline powder
Solubility: Soluble in water, easy soluble in ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether
Chemical Property: It is a kind of clathrate. It has corrosive and acid epicene. To react with carbon monoxide and palladium chloride will turn to blue, which can use for carbon monoxide test.

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