Vanadium Ammonium Molybdate

Vanadium ammonium molybdate solution production:
1. To weigh 1.25g metavanadate and to add 200ml distilled water heated for dissolve, after cooling to add nitric acid and 250ml pure nitric acid, it is difficult to dissolve and shows brown color.
2. To weigh 25g paramolybdate and to add 400ml distilled water makes it to dissolve. The un-completely dissolved solution of step 1 was added into this solution, after shaken up to be stored from light. If there is precipitate, it can’t be used.
3. If there has precipitate, before operation should shake it and make the precipitate to completely dissolve. The solution will become fever and show light yellow color. And then to add distilled water make the solution to reach 1000ml and the color is light yellow, which can obtain vanadium ammonium molybdate reagent.

 vanadium ammonium molybdate image

Phosphorus analytical methods have weight analysis method, volumetric method and spectrophotometry. The compound fertilizer, calcium magnesium phosphate and suoerohosphate phosphorus determination usually use quinoline phosphomolybdate gravimetric method and quinoline phosphomolybdate volumetric method, but these two analysis methods operation time is long and the procedures are complex, having expensive reagents, which is difficult to meet industrial manufacture requirements, therefore, at present, commonly used vanadium molybdate spectrophotometric method for the phosphorus content determination.

Vanadium molybdate spectrophotometric method for phosphorus content determination of the low concentration fertilizer: the orthophosphate iron of the solution in the acid medium will react with quimociac reagents and vanadium molybdate reagent to form stable yellow complex compound. Finally, in the 420nm wavelength uses differential colorimetric method to measure its optical density.

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