Sodium Molybdate Physical and Chemical Properties

Sodium molybdate physical and chemical properties are as follows:

Name: Sodium molybdate Storage Condition:  room temperature
Chemical Formular: Na2MoO4 Melting Point: 100 °C (dec.)(lit.)
Relative Molecular Mass: 241.95 Aqueous Solubility : 56 g/100 mL (O ºC)
Solubility: slightly soluble in water Merck : 14,8645
CAS NO.: 7631-95-0 Stability: Stable, insoluble in strong oxidant
Density: 2.37 g/mL at 25 °C Toxicity Refers to molybdenum trioxide
Chemical Properties: It is slight soluble in water, insoluble in acetone, heated to 100℃ will lose crystal water to form anhydrous compound. Toxic.

sodium molybdate image

Sodium molybdate is white diamond crystal. The production processes are as following: to roast molybdenum concentrate can obtain molybdenum trioxide, to use alkali liquor for sodium molybdate leaching, after filtration, concentrated, cooled, centrifuged and dried to obtain the finished product. Na2MoO4 mainly used for manufacturing alkaloids, ink, fertilizers, molybdenum red pigment and light fastness pigment precipitation agent, catalyst and molybdenum salt, and it can also be used to manufacture fire retardant and pollution-free cold water system metal inhibitor. Besides, it can as plating zinc, polishing agents and chemical reagents.

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