Cobalt Molybdenum Accelerator

Cobalt molybdenum accelerator also known as cobalt molybdenum catalyst, it has good curing properties, commonly used in ammonia synthesis plants which used coal, heavy oil (or residual) as raw material. At present, China large, medium and small ammonia plants almost all use cobalt molybdenum catalyst. This catalyst replacement cycle is three to five years and the annual replacement amount is more than 2,000 tons. Thus, recycling the catalyst, not only is good for recycling of resources, but also is good for environment.

cobalt molybdenum catalyst image

Cobalt molybdenum catalyst recovery processes:
1. The cobalt molybdenum catalyst after roasting and grinding should to process sieving;
2. After sieving put the treated catalyst in the ammonia solution;
3. Adding zinc powder in the solution to displace cobalt in the complex compound;
4. Adding nitric acid into the solution, PH = 1 ~ 2, can deposit MoO3;
5. Adding ammonia into MoO3 can obtian ammonium molybdate;
6. Adding concentrated sulfuric acid into filter cake by several times can dissolve the filter cake;
7. The insolubles were removed and ammonium sulfate was added to the filtrate;
8. After filtration can obtained ammonium alum.

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