1600C Molybdenum Disilicide Application-High Temperature Furnace

Molybdenum disilicide usually used in 1600C molybdenum disilicide high temperature furnace. Molybdenum disilicon has high oxidation resistance, at high temperature atmosphere, it coated with dense quartz SiO2 protective layer, which can prevent MoSi2 to continue oxidation. SiO2 protective layer melting point is 1710℃. When the operating temperature is greater than 1700℃, the protective layer will be melted, and thus lose the protective effect. However, if it can continue use in oxidizing atmosphere, SiO2 protective layer will regenerate. 

1600molybdenum disilicideMoSi2 heating elements

Silicon molybdenum rod not only can be used in high temperature, but also it has good anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance property and heating up fast, long life, small high temperature deformation, easy installation and maintenance, chemical stability and other characteristics, so usually used in the 1600C molybdenum disilicide furnace. 1600C high temperature furnace, also known as 1600c molybdenum disilicide high temperature furnace, the long term operating temperature is 1600 ℃ and it is usually used for glass, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry, refractory materials and specialty materials production. There are some tips should pay attention during operation. Firstly, silicon molybdenum heating element will oxidize in the low temperature, so at the temperature range of 400℃~700℃ it is not suitable.  Silicon molybdenum rod is suitable used in air, neutral atmosphere, because reducing atmosphere (such as hydrogen) will damage the protective layer and chlorine and sulfur steam will make heating element failure. In addition, the heating element used in high temperature (above 1500 ℃) will become softening, but in the low temperature is hard and brittle, in order to avoid stress produce in the temperature change, should install by free vertical hanging way. 

1600c molybdenum silicon high temperature furnace types:

Type Size/mm Volume Power
GS-2-1600 200*120*120 2.9 Single Phase 220v6kw
GS-3-1600 300*150*150 6.75 Single Phase 220v8kw
GS-4-1600 400*200*200 16 Single Phase 380v10kw
GS-5-1600 500*300*300 45 Triphase 380v20kw
GS-5-1600 400*400*400 64 Triphase 380v30kw

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