High Silicon Molybdenum Ductile Iron

high silicon molybdenum ductile iron picture

High silicon molybdenum ductile iron is a high strength cast iron material, so it can be cast into complex force, high strength, toughness, and wear resistance parts.

High strength ductile iron should have iron high strength properties and cast iron properties. The exhaust system components and parts will work at high temperature and high intensity work environment, so the cast iron materials should be fully taken into account the strength and hardness, creep strength, heat resistance, thermal expansion coefficient and so on, and the temperature resistance is a key factor. Ferritic matrix ductile cast iron has lower strength, low plasticity, and higher ductility, so doped with Si and Mo elements can improve the properties of the casting.

At high temperatures, ordinary gray cast iron surface and inside will be oxidized at high temperatures and the parts will be deformed. Besides, there is the possibility of cracking. Therefore, parts work at high temperatures should be possible to use single-phase iron-based as matrix materials. When Si dissolved in ferrite, at high temperatures the surface will form dense oxides SiO2 to cover on the parts surface to prevent oxidation. Si the other role is to improve cast iron phase transition temperature, so the iron does not has solid phase transformation within the operating temperature range to prevent product deformation.

Mo can increase the recrystallization temperature of matrix and increase the high temperature strength of ductile iron. Mo is dissolved in ferrite, to forme stable carbide special Fe3Mo3C, to strength ferritic matrix, to ease the softening trend and to improve its creep resistance.

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