W-shaped Molybdenum Disilicide

W-shaped molybdenum disilicide usually as heating element used in high temperature furnace. Molybdenum silicon heating element is a kind of resistance heating element which is based on molybdenum disilicide for production, so also known as molybdenum disilicide heating element. These heating elements have 1700c and 1800c two major types and its products have straight rod,U-shaped, W-shaped, U-shaped rectangular and others shapes. In addition, it has other customized shapes, including molybdenum disilicide tube, molybdenum disilicide thermocouple protection tube, molybdenum disilicide probes and so on.

 W-shaped molybdenum disilicideW-shaped MoSi2 heating element

W-shaped molybdenum disilicide is a resistance furnace element, often as heat generator used in the resistance furnace. It has most widely used in muffle furnace. Resistance muffle furnace can divide into different types according to the different heating elements, temperature rating and controllers.
1 According to heating elements: electric stove wire muffle, silicon carbide muffle, silicon molybdenum muffle;
2 According to rated temperature: 1000 ℃ muffle furnace, 1200 ℃ muffle furnace, 1300 ℃/1400 ℃ muffle furnace, 1600 ℃/1700 ℃ muffle furnace and 1800 ℃ muffle furnace.

1700c Muffle Furnace Product Parameter

Type FR-1236 FR-1236 FR-1236
Capacity Available 4L 6L 9L
Temperature rising time 100-1700C<90min 100-1700C<90min 100-1700C<90min
Powder Types AC 220V 20A AC 220V 25A AC 380V 16A
Power(KW) 3.6 5 7.5
Heating Element molybdenum disilicide molybdenum disilicide molybdenum disilicide
Sensor Type B B B
Hearth 160×170×150mm 160×250×150mm 200×300×150mm
Furnace Body Size 570×575×605mm 570×645×625mm 635×715×685mm
Net Weight(kg) 85 95 115

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