Silicon Molybdenum Powder

Silicon molybdenum powder formula is MoSi2 and melting point is 1870 ~ 2030 ℃. Silicon molybdenum powder usually uses molybdenum disilicide powder as raw material and after crushing, grinding, screening, testing, and other processes to obtain. Silicon molybdenum powder application is widespread. It not only can be made into the heating element used in various high temperature furnaces and heating equipment, but also can as combustion improver used in carbon and sulfur analyzer. Carbon and sulfur analyzer used silicon molybdenum powder filler there are four formula:

1.20% MoSi2 powder (≤35 mesh) was added to 80% MoO3 powder to obtain;
2.5% pure iron powder (pure iron flux) (≤40 mesh) and 80% MoO3 powder was added to 15% MoSi2 powder (≤35 mesh) to obtain;
3.20% silicon single crystal powder (≤35 mesh) was added to 80% MoO3 powder to obtain;
4. 5% pure iron (iron flux) (≤40 mesh) and 80% MoO3 powder was added to 15% silicon single crystal powder (≤35 mesh) to obtain.

To produce high quality silicon molybdenum powder should use molybdenum disilicide as raw material which produces by single-crystal silicon and molybdenum powder. Single-crystal silicon purity should ≥99.99% and after broken down and sieved the particle size should ≤180 mesh. Besides, after milling (ball material ratio 1: 2) and 24h grinding to through 280 mesh sieve, the obtained MoSi2 has lower carbon and sulfur content (C≤0.0005%, S≤0.0003%), in which the carbon and sulfur content is mainly caused by the abrasive contamination. The melting point of molybdenum disilicide will decrease with impurity content increase, and therefore silicon block produced by smelting method after processing has high impurity content which are not suitable for carbon and sulfur analyzer used crucible filler. Molybdenum powder is required to have small particle size, fresh and low oxygen content. In addition, crude particle size of silicon molybdenum powder is difficult to ignite, so the mixed powder of molybdenum powder and silicon powder should ≤280 mesh or less and need to go through long period of grinding in order to obtain fine particles of silicon molybdenum powder.

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