Molybdenum Disilicide Furnace Operation

W-shaped molybdenum disilicide rod

Before operation, Molybdenum disilicide furnace should drying and drying temperature is generally 100-200℃. Molybdenum disilicide long term used at low temperatures will cause low-temperature oxidation. Small furnace has short drying time and few hours drying at low temperature has little impact on molybdenum disilicide. On the other hand, large furnace has long drying time, so the low temperature oxidation properties of molybdenum silicon rod should more attention. During drying for ventilation, it is best to open the door and as the temperature increases the door can be half-open. When the temperature reach to 1000 ℃, we can completely close the door.

After drying, the furnace can begin to heat up from room temperature and if heating time is short, the heating relatively should higher. When the furnace is temporarily not in use, the furnace temperature can be adjusted to 1000℃. The best operation temperature of molybdenum disilicide resistance furnace is 500 ~ 1700 ℃. Normal temperature is about 1450 ℃ ( service life is about 2000 hours). If the temperature is too low, silicon molybdenum rod will oxidation and if the temperature exceeds 1710 ℃, the protective layer begins to melt and silicon molybdenum rod will fail. At the temperature of 500 ~ 1700 ℃, the dense protective film can prevent molybdenum silicon rod further oxidation and stable existence. In addition, the water vapor will make the rods rapid aging, so the products containing moisture shouldn’t anneal at MoSi2 resistance furnace. If the furnace is left unused for long period, before operation the furnace should to dry. During operation the current decimal number should not exceed 300A. In addition, if rod surface shows "bubble" phenomenon often caused by high temperature or hazardous materials reaction and if this phenomenon appeared should immediately reduce the temperature of the rod or avoid the rod direct contact with hazardous substances. If necessary, contact your electrician to replace silicon molybdenum rods.

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