Molybdenum Disilicide Thermocouple Protection Tube

Molybdenum disilicide has many kinds of products, including molybdenum disilicide thermocouple protection tube, probe and electrode. The main application of these products is as follows: molybdenum disilicide tube used as bubble tube in glass furnaces, molybdenum disilicide sealing tube used as thermocouple protection tube, molybdenum disilicide probes used for glass furnace level control replaced platinum wire, molybdenum disilicide electrodes used in fused glass with no need for water cooling.

MoSi2 protective tubeMoSi2 tube

Molybdenum disilicide protective tube has good high temperature oxidation resistance and stable resistance values, mainly used to protect a variety of thermocouples and heating elements to contact with working environment, improving their service life. Molybdenum disilicide thermocouple protection tube has two main purposes. First, to prevent mechanical form damage, secondly, to protect the thermocouple from the measured medium chemical corrosion and it is unacted on oxidizing atmosphere or reducing atmosphere. MoSi2 thermocouple protection tube can install by horizontally or vertically way. Horizontal installed, its maximum temperature does not exceed 1400 ℃, and vertically installed, the maximum temperature does not exceed 1600 ℃. Molybdenum disilicide protection tube product identification method is MS / D / d / L, D for protective tube diameter, d for inner diameter, L for length (mm).

Molybdenum disilicide thermocouple protection tube product parameter

Melting Point 2030℃
Coefficient of Linear Expansion(1x10-4K) 5.1(27~1480℃)
Density(g/cm3) 5.5
Thermal Conductivity(W/m·K) 48.57(20℃)
Electrical Resistivity(uΩ·cm) 21.6(20℃)
Flexure Strength(MPa) 98(1000℃)

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