Molybdenum Disilicide Holder

Molybdenum disilicide holder is mainly used for fixed MoSi2 heating element and the whole weight of element supports by it and the position of elements is also determined by it, therefore, it must be carefully installed, to ensure the element by vertical suspended. To avoid local overheating, the conical portion lower end of element must deep into the furnace. When installing element the screws shouldn’t screw up at the beginning, until the element temperature rises then to screw down, because at the high temperature the element has plasticity and easily to break. The holder is generally not higher than 200℃. In order to avoid radiant heat pass to the holder, the distance of lower of holder and the upper of bricks should less than 50mm. The holder usually connections with connective band (connecting wire) and the end of wire links with bus for electrical, the holder only for fixed the element and not for electric conduction. The connecting wire used for contacting element is made of multilayer aluminum foil or aluminum strip. In order to avoid the stress pass on element, the wire length should slight large than the distance of element and the bus.

molybdenum disilicide holdermolybdenum disilicide holder

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