Silicon Carbide Rod and Disilicide Molybdenum Processing

Silicon carbide rod and disilicide molybdenum after processing has high temperature reistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, heating up fast, small high temperature deformation and other good properties, often as heating element used in high temperature furnace.

Silicon carbide rod has high operation temperature, high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, heating up fast, long life, small high temperature deformation and easy installation and maintenance and other good performance, often widely used in electronic, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, semiconductor, laboratory analysis, scientific research and other high-temperature fields, as heating element used in tunnel kiln, roller kiln, glass furnace, vacuum furnace, muffle furnace, smelting furnace and various types of electric heating equipment.

Disilicide molybdenum (MoSi2 heating element) is kind of anti-oxidation resistance heating element. Used in high temperature oxidizing atmosphere, the surface will produce bright dense SiO2 film, which can protect disilicide molybdenum to oxidation, so MoSi2 heating element has unique high-temperature oxidation resistance. MoSi2 heating elements are widely used in metallurgy, steel, glass, ceramics, refractories, crystals, electronic components, semiconductor materials research, manufacturing and other fields, especially for high-performance precision ceramic, high-grade artificial crystal, precision structural metal ceramics, glass fiber, optical fiber and advanced steel production.

The difference between silicon carbide and disilicide molybdenum
1. The bigger different between silicon carbide rod and silicon molybdenum rod is operation temperature. Silicon molybdenum rod has higher operation temperature, so usually applies to large furnace and silicon carbide rod is suitable for small furnace.
2. Silicon carbide rods usually link by cold way, which can reduce the resistance and reduce the temperature. Silicon molybdenum rod generally uses in series link way.
3. The silicon carbide rod and silicon molybdenum rod has different raw materials. Silicide molybdenum raw material is disilicide molybdenum and silicon carbide rod raw material is caborundum.
4. MoSi2 heating element has little affecd by operation time, namely un-aging. But silicon carbide rod resistance will increase with operation time increase.

silicon carbide rod picture disilicide molybdenum picture

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