Molybdenum Disilicide Muffle

Molybdenum disilicide muffle is kind of high temperature furnace and it usually uses molybdenum silicon rod as heating elements. Molybdenum disilicide muffle usually uses in industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes and laboratory for chemical analysis, physical measurement and small steel heat treatment heating. In the oil and coal industries is used for volatile ash determination and in radiation test is used for ashing experiments.

Silicon molybdenum rod used in muffle furnace has following advantages:
1. It has widely applications and can use in varieties electric furnace, especially for high purity requirements furnace.
2. High temperature resistance, the maximum operating temperature is 1800 ℃.
3. It has long service life, easy to replace, low maintenance costs.
4. The old and new elements can be mixed used in series.
5. It can be continuous or intermittent used.
6. It has good high temperature oxidation resistance property and auto-repair function, suitable for continuous used in various oxidizing atmosphere
7. Thermo-forming, the matrix maintains good high temperature plasticity and toughness and various size and geometry specifications are available, which can satisfy different users’ installment requirement.
8. Hot end and cold end welding should use special technology for molding butt, so the welding spot is fastness and has strong impact.
9. It has high density, which greatly improves the conductivity of the product.
10. It has good surface quality, high mechanical strength and good toughness.
11. The protective film is complete and has strong binding force with the substrate.
12. It has high temperature strength, which is not easy to deformation during operation.

molybdenum disilicide mufflemolybdenum disilicide

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