U-shaped Rectangular Molybdenum Disilicide

High quality silicon molybdenum rod can be produced by Chinatungsten Online and its common types are as follow: 1800c type, 1700c type, rectangular shaped, U-shaped, W-type, and molybdenum disilicide tube and so on. At the same time, we can also produce customized molybdenum silicon rod according to customer’s requirement. And U-shaped rectangular molybdenum dicilicide can be divided into two types, hot end rectangular molybdenum disilicide and cold end rectangular molybdenum disilicide. Among them, the hot end rectangular silicon molybdenum rod is produced by the most advanced silicon molybdenum rod production technology, bending technology, namely produced the rod firstly, then heated up to 1900℃, bended in a particular mold, which can large improve product’s accuracy.

U-shaped rectangular molybdenum disilicide U-shaped rectangular molybdenum disilicide

U-type silicon molybdenum rod using recommendations:

1. Molybdenum silicon rod at room temperature has large brittleness and has large plasticity at high temperatures, so the U-shaped silicon molybdenum rod is preferably suspended vertically installed. If you need to be installed horizontally, please use the high temperature refractory material for supporting.

2. In order to avoid local overheating, the conical part of the product should extend to the interior furnace.

3. To avoid the stress transmitted to the molybdenum disilicide heating elements, wire length should slightly larger than element and the bus’s straight-line distance.

4. The screw on fixture of silicon molybdenum rod can not twist too tight at the first. After the element to be raised to high temperature, tighten again, because there is has plasticity on element, so it is not easily to break.

5. General chuck temperature should not exceed 200℃, the chuck wire and element contact voltage should less than 0.1V.

6. In order to avoid radiant heat to the chuck, the lower end of chuck and upper end of bricks distance should not less than 50mm.

7. Under normal operating conditions, silicon molybdenum rods element resistance generally does not vary with using time goes by, so old and new elements can be mix used.

8. In order to avoid damage the diameter of 6 / 12mm elements can not be long-term use in 170A current and diameter of 9/18mm elements can not be long-term use in 300A current.

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