1800C Molybdenum Disilicide

Silicon molybdenum rod has different types, including 1800C molybdenum disilicide and 1700C molybdenum disilicide and it also has different shape, including U-shaped, W-shaped, rectangular U-shaped and other shapes. Molybdenum disilicide heating element has good high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and other good properties, so it is widely used in metallurgy, steel, glass, ceramics, refractories, crystals, electronic components, semiconductor materials research, manufacturing and other fields, especially for high-performance precision ceramic, high-grade artificial crystal, precise structural metal ceramics, glass fibers, optical fiber and advanced steel production.

1800c molybdenum disilicidemolybdenum disilicide

Molybdenum disilicide heating elements (silicon molybdenum rod) under oxidizing atmosphere will produce bright dense quartz (SiO2) glass film which can protect the silicon molybdenum rod oxidation, so it has good high temperature oxidation resistance. Under oxidizing atmosphere, 1800c molybdenum disilicide maximum operation temperature is 1800 ℃, according to user requirements can be made of rod shaped, U-shaped, W-shaped, rectangular U-shaped and other shapes.

1300℃-1800℃ furnace body temperature is good for silicon molybdenum rod operation in furnace. Molybdenum disilicide element resistance does not change with the service time goes by, that is not aging, so old and new elements can be mixed used. However, the mechanical properties of molybdenum disilicide elements are similar to other ceramic products, so at high temperature it is easy to break, and it has some difficulties in the transportation and installation. But as long as installed and used correctly it can be avoided.

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