Resistance Furnace Molybdenum Disilicide

Resistance furnace molybdenum disilicide has high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and other good properties. Besides, it has long life and heating up is fast, so it is widely used in a variety of resistance furnaces. Used in resistance furnace, the furnace should use with single-phase molybdenum disilicide heat transformer, mainly because silicon molybdenum heating element’s resistance will increase rapidly with temperature increasing. At the start of heating, the resistance is small, which requires low voltage and it is about l/4-1/3 to operating voltage. According to the working voltage and resistance and temperature forward characteristics of heating element, we need use transformer to meet the heating element’s required operating voltage at different temperatures, thereby improve power factor.

molybdenum disilicide heating elements

MoSi2 heating element applied in resistance furnace has the following advantages. First of all, it has a good high-temperature oxidation resistance. When it is heated in an oxidizing atmosphere to more than 1200℃, there will take place the following reaction: 2MoSi2+ 7O2 = 2MoO3 + 4SiO2. The gaseous molybdenum trioxide will evaporate and silica will deposite on the surface to produce dense quartz glass film to protect the element oxidization. Silicon molybdenum rod heating element has good oxidation resistance, in oxidizing atmosphere the maximum temperature can up to 1800 ℃. Further, the resistance of molybdenum disicilide heating element will not affect by operation time, so you can mix the old and new elements. Meanwhile, silicon molybdenum rod has greater power. Chinatungsten Online can provide high power silicon molybdenum rod. MoSi2 heating element power is related to the size specifications, in the same size, silicon molybdenum rod heating power is larger, the thicker the diameter of the hot side.

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