Molybdenum Disilicide Powder

Molybdenum disilicide powder is an intermetallic compound having high temperature antioxidant property, often as coating material used in high temperature alloys, high temperature refractory metals, graphite and C/C composites oxidation resistant.

MoSi2 powderMoSi2 heating element

There are many methods for MoSi2 coating material production, including slurry sintering method, entrapping method, vapor deposition method, molten-salt growth method and laser cladding technique. Using these methods to produce coating and the coating and the substrate has better metallurgical bonding, so that the material exhibits better thermal shock resistance and oxidation resistance.

MoSi2 powder manufacturing process
1. According to n (Mo): n (Si) = 1: 2 ratio make molybdenum powder and silicon powder mixed evenly and through SHS to obtain MoSi2 powder.
2. The MoSi2 powder is placed in ball mill crushing for 5h, so that the particle size reaches 1~2um, speed 200 r/min, ball feed ratio 20:1.
3. Using ultrasonic dispersion technique make MoSi2 particles dispersed in 4wt% PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), then added milling medium into ball mill to obtain homogeneous slurry components.
4. Using LX-10 Centrifugal Granulation Spray Dryer for spray drying granulation on slurry, so we can obtain spray-dried granulated.
5. Finally, putted the reunion MoSi2 powder into alumina crucible, on molybdenum wire vacuum furnace for 1h sintering, to obtain molybdenum disilicide powder.

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