Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element

Molybdenum disilicide heating element, also known as MoSi2 heating element, is a kind of molybdenum silicide based resistance heating element. Silicon molybdenum rod heating element in oxidizing atmosphere heated to high temperature, dense quartz glass film formed on the surface, it can protect heating element form oxidation, so MoSi2 heating element has unique high-temperature oxidation resistance. In oxidizing atmosphere, molybdenum disilicide element maximum operation temperature is 1800℃ and the applicable temperature is 500~1700 ℃. It usually used in ceramics, magnetic materials, glass, metallurgy, refractory and other industrial high-temperature furnace.

molybdenum disilicide heating element

MoSi2 heating element production processes:
1.Mixing: To obtain aluminosilicate and mixed powder of Mo powder and Si powder with mass ratio, aluminosilicate and mixed powder as milled material were placed in ball mill jar, and then added 150% absolute ethyl alcohol accounts for 50 of milled material in ball mill jar, after evenly ball-milling and vacuum drying, we can obtain the mixture. Aluminosilicate powder and mixed powder is aluminosilicate :mixed powder = 2 ~10︰98~ 90 and mixed powder Si and Mo molar ratio is 1: 2.
2. Pressing: The mixture was placed in vacuum pugmill where we can obtain pug. The pug will be pressed to shape up with designed molybdenum disilicide heating element shape and then to obtain rough blank. The blank dried in the air for 10~24h, so that we can obtain dried blank and there are three stages in drying, heating, insulation and dry and the highest heat preservation is ≤100 ℃.
3. The blank was pleased in vacuum environment heated to 1500 ℃~1700 ℃ for sintering, after heat preservation and cooled to room temperature to obtain MoSi2 heating element.

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