Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Rod

Molybdenum disilicide heating rod namely molybdenum disilicide heating element, is usually used in high-temperature oxidizing atmosphere and the maximum temperature can reach 1850 ℃. In 1947, a Swedish company produced the first molybdenum disilicide heating rod with continuous improvement, in the 1990s, the heating rod temperature increased to 1850 ℃ and named Kanthal Super 1900C heating element. China realized molybdenum disilicide heating elements industrial production in the 1980s. At present, the molybdenum disilicide heating element has became an important equipment used in heat treatment, casting, high-temperature sintering, and other industrial and laboratory.

molybdenum disilicide

High temperature heating rods (MoSi2 heating elements) is resistance heating element used in high temperatures field and it has many good properties. High temperature oxidation resistance, in high-temperature oxidizing atmosphere, its surface will generate dense quartz glass protective film to protect the heating rods matrix. Besides, this protective film has regenerative function and automatic removal surface impurities adhesion function. The resistivity of MoSi2 heating rod will rapidly increase with temperature rise, so that the heating rod at low temperatures has large power and the furnace can heat rapidly. At high temperature the power becomes small to prevent material overheating. In addition, the operation time has little effect on resistivity, that is, not aging, so old and new elements can be mixed used. Molybdenum disilicide heating rod is commonly used in electric furnace, because of its low power consumption, fast heating, easy to maintain and stable product performance.

MoSi2 heating rods not only can be used in an oxidizing atmosphere, but also can be used in N2, H2, NH2 and an inert gas, but the corresponding temperature is limited. MoSi2 is prone to accelerated oxidation at 400 ~ 700 ℃, so it is not suited to use in this temperature range. In addition, its surface load can reach tens of W / cm2, which is much higher than the metal heating element, so it is possible to make furnace wall to reach 100W/m2, greatly improve the production rate. MoSi2 heating rods can be made into U-shaped, W and L-shaped.

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