Molybdenum Silicon Rod


Molybdenum disilicide also known as molybdenum silicon rod and common shapes include rod, U-shaped, W-shaped, rectangle U-shaped and so on. And common customized molybdenum disilicide products include molybdenum disilicide tube, molybdenum disilicide thermocouple protection tube and molybdenum disilicide probe and so on.

Silicon molybdenum rod has stable chemical properties and it has good high temperature oxidation resistance and electrical conductivity, often as heating element used in various fields. Compared with silicon carbide heating element, molybdenum disilicide not only has high operation temperature, but also the resistance will not affect by operation time, which is not aging problem. But pure molybdenum disilicide heating element has low mechanical strength and installation problems and other issues. With further research, MoSi2 often dopes with a small amount of the second phase (SiC, Al2O3 and Mo5Si3, etc.) so as to improve its performance and it is usually made of heating element. MoSi2-2SiC composite heat element not only has better oxidation resistance than pure molybdenum disilicide, but also it will not softening deformation at high temperature.

molybdenum disilicidemolybdenum silicon rod

Molybdenum disilicide protection tube is mainly used for 1400℃ thermometry. Chinatungsten Online is molybdenum silicide protection tube manufacturers, we offer high performance silicon molybdenum rod and the price is reasonable, welcomed to consultation.

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